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Hi, I'm

I create music and sound for games, visuals and spaces

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Lucid DaydreamsContemporary Classical
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Boba BlastCute Electronic
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alone (in a matrix flower)Sadboi Electronic
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I spice up visuals, games and spaces with music and sound

I like to find creative ways in blending music and sound design to enhance visuals, create nuanced interactivity in games, make spaces more immersive and concerts more inspiring.

Portfolio Reels

Click on the images below to check out reels showcasing the different things I do. 

green line 2065

a new contemporary classical release with Ravello Records

Pluritopia Cloud Studios

Music to accompany different spaces in Pluritopia's Cloud Studios launch party held in VR Chat.

Pedra Branca Shipwrecks Exhibition

Music and Sound Design to accompany a physical space and video in the Asian Civilisations Museum

Big Ideas 2022

Music to accompany visuals introducing ArkInvest's Big Ideas 2022 program.

Where I Belong Music Video

A classical arrangement of Tanya Chua's Where I Belong for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.


A few recent projects I've had the opportunity to work on.