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composer and sound designer for games, visuals & spaces

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Featured Work

ArkInvest Big Ideas 2022
Cinema 4D Demo
ACM Manila Galleon Exhibition
Physical Installation
Tolaram 75th Anniversary
Mixed Reality Game
Inside Out 2 Light Show @ Gardens by the Bay
Physical Installation
Chao Recruit

Featured Work

Hi, I'm avik.

I create bespoke and immersive audio for video games, VR, brands, and museums.

My style as an audio designer blends orchestral instruments, spacious synths, and organic and tonal sounds to craft unique sonic experiences for each project. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like Disney and the Tolaram Group, landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, and game developers like The Doodle People and Twilight Foundry Games. Check out the 'games', 'visuals' or 'spaces' pages for more reels and projects specific to those mediums. 

Other than music for media, I also compose music for performing ensembles and orchestras. I've written music for the Singapore Symphony, Eureka Ensemble, Nanyang Collective, Transient Canvas and more. Feel free to check out my catalogue of works via this link.

New Music

Senescence (ft. Ng Pei-Sian)

a new contemporary classical release with Ravello Records


avik chari ft. Ng Pei-Sian

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