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composer and sound designer for games, visuals & spaces

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Physical Installation

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Asian Civilisations Museum



ACM Manila Galleon Exhibition

I composed three distinct pieces of music for the Asian Civilisations Museum's special exhibition on the Manila Galleon trade, which highlighted immense voyages, profound cross-cultural exchanges, and quiet suffering. One piece used a male choir and orchestra to evoke the tremendous voyage across the Pacific and Atlantic. Another featured a stately harpsichord with ambient tones to bring to life the opulence of the 16th century. The third piece incorporated vibrant guitar music, drawing from the enduring traditions of Mexico and the Philippines, and featured performances by Beka Oblyarov on cello and Kevin Loh on classical guitar. To ensure the music seamlessly integrated with the exhibition space, I converted interior design firm FARM’s 3D model of the space into a virtually walkable exhibition via the Unity game engine. This allowed me to test how each of the three pieces of music would sound in different parts of the space, ensuring the final composition provided a unified auditory experience throughout the gallery.

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