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Sound Fields (2019)

for soprano, contrabass and electronics


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Sound Fields is a piece inspired and informed by the sounds I experience while at a contemporary music festival called New Music on the Point. It was situated next to a beautiful lake in Vermont - and one of those “life changing experiences”, you could say. It was definitely a privilege to be there and to hear all of the music there - I fell in love with the idea of meditative pieces - pieces where the ensemble serves to assist the listener in achieving a particular state of thoughtfulness and reflection (hopefully). The electronics used in this piece are all field recordings from the festival - the sound of wine glasses, the sound of friends jamming to a dulcimer while singing into it, and then sound of weird composers experimenting (while tipsy) with random found objects and the sounds they make. I originally wrote a piece for LIGAMENT, a soprano and contrabass duo, that was very experimental and out of my style. It was a learning experience writing for the group, but the whole festival made me realise where I wanted my music to be going, and this piece is a testament to that.

Premiered by Laura Virgina Pernas and Gillian Dana at the Boston Conservatory, on 16th November, 2019. This piece is part of the album Playlists.

Playlists was recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Soque Jr., and released on 15th July, 2020.

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