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Moments in a Blurred City (2017)

for solo piano


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Moments in a Blurred City is the first of four pieces for solo piano titled 'Moments'. As an ethnically Indian composer who was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to parents hailing from culturally different cities in India, grew up in Singapore and studied in Boston, USA, my identity, and what I call home has always been a bit of a blur - a mixture of mismatched memories.

This piece grew out of improvisation - a way I felt I could be the most true to myself - by not attempting to place any particular cultural idioms in my music - as I felt that it would always feel forced until I can finally understand my own identity. However, at the same time, free improvisation doesn't mean that I was completely out of reach of preexisting musical notions. A semblance to my love of progressive metal and Djent can be observed in the rhythms and melodies in this piece.

The piece uses a symmetrical structure, with an initial, dreamy theme followed by a fast blur depicting someone beginning a day dream. This leads us to short fragments that at times may feel complete and at others may feel the need for further development. However, regardless of their interpretation, they never get developed, only repeated, until the blur brings us back to the end of the dream - the sudden spark of reality quickly concluding the piece, leaving a sense of unfinished longing to return back to the dream.

Premiered by Moritz Ernst at the Lee Foundation Theatre, Singapore on 

18th August, 2017.

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