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I was really inspired by the music performed and recorded by a New York based ensemble called yMusic. I decided to write for the same instrumentation with a bit of my own voice: flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola and cello, with electronics. On top of the electronics, I wanted to give the conductor, a good friend of mine, Ismael Sandoval, the chance to have more control over the piece. The piece is written as a bunch of different loops, which the conductor has control over in terms of dynamics, entrances and cut offs.

About the work

Loops (2020)

for mixed ensemble and electronics, with conductor

Premiered by Emma Rose Bauman, Walter Yee, Justin Taveras, Svens Skriveris, Jerri Lou Lugo Ortiz and Hannah Soren. Conducted by Ismael Sandoval at the Boston Conservatory on 13th March, 2020.


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