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Journeys (2020)

for mixed ensemble, live processing & interactive multimedia


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Journeys is an interactive music performance that relates to the appreciation of non-linear media such as video games, through artwork. The audience is encouraged to work around the space, looking at different pieces of artwork that are scattered around. At different segments during the piece, and in different locations, they are asked to choose a piece of artwork they like. This results in a mixture of different layers - at times a harsh cacophony, and at times a beautiful, serene concoction.

Premiered by Li Shan Tan, Hoi Tong Keung, Matthew Yamada, Stephen Tamas, Walter Yee, Michelle Guzman, Peter Fletcher, Gramm Drennan, Laura Virginia Pernas, Carolina Alvarez and Rachel Lim.

13th March, 2020 at the Boston Conservatory, Ipswich Studio 106

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