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Improvisatory is based on an improvisation I did on the piano several years ago. The piece begins with a solo piano intro - a transcription of this improvisation, but is soon joined by the violin and cello, all competing for the limelight. They refresh with a new idea, but struggle to work together, taking their time to understand the progression, eventually gaining more and more confidence, and working together to achieve a musical goal. The second movement expands on this one idea - and is a set of 5 variations of the theme, displaced by short interjecting fragments intend to refresh the listener before the next variation - an idea inspired by Arvo Pärt's Fratres.

About the work

Improvisatory (2018)

for piano trio

Premiered by Kimberly Busic, Brianna Tagliaferro, and Kevin Madison at the Boston Conservatory, on 4th April, 2018.


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