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four phases (2023)

for harp quartet and electronics


four phases is a composition for four harps, supported by a backing of electronic sounds. It's my take on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but with a focus on possible future climates. The four seasons depicted are:
1. Nova Auroream (A season of explosive energy and light, with unusual celestial activity and vibrant auroras.).
2. Pyroaether (A season of smoke-filled skies and intense wildfires, with ash and embers raining down from above.)
3. Nimbus (A season of constant precipitation, with dense clouds and frequent rain nourishing the earth.)
4. Prism (A season of colorful rain, where light refracts into a brilliant spectrum and rainbows fill the sky.)
The electronics uses processed recordings of the original four seasons as a backdrop over which the four harps play. Each season focuses on one harp to lead the ensemble.

Premiered by The Harp Quarterly on 19th June, 2023 at the Drama Centre, Black Box, National Library, Singapore

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