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Flux (2020)

for violin and electronics


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Flux was originally written as Valinor, a piece for my string and electronics album influenced by the Lord of the Rings. It ended up going a completely different way during the writing process, so I decided to include it in this album. Majority of the electronics track focuses on achieving a consistent "fluttery" ambience. I used a short section of Ravel's Trios Poemes de Mallarme as an element in the track, changing pitch, filters and so forth. Additionally, the sound of rain was used, filtered in a way to make the rain "sing". All of these elements play under the Violin, which, at times reacts to the electronics with its own ideas, and at other times, tries its best to stay afloat.

Premiered by Michelle Guzman at the Boston Conservatory, on 28th February, 2020. This piece is part of the album Playlists.

Playlists was recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Soque Jr., and released on 15th July, 2020.

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