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Extended Play (2019)

for string quartet and electronics


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Extended Play is a piece for string quartet and electronics that utilizes ideas from several different genres I listen to. Inspired by the trap-influenced metal of bands like Polyphia, I sought to employ certain elements of these genres within the sort of Post-minimalist writing I was doing at the time. The piece uses the kick as a key structural element, allowing the music to get more and more aggressive from its initial, relaxed, almost cute starting point. The piece then devolves into mayhem before being brought back again.

Premiered by Gioia Gedicks, Maya Giles, Ying Su and Hannah Soren at the Boston Conservatory, on 6th November, 2018. This piece was further edited, and performed by Gioia Gedicks, Michelle Guzman, Robert Bruce and Hannah Soren on the album Playlists.

Playlists was recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Soque Jr., and released on 15th July, 2020.

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