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Duet for 14 Musicians (2017)

for chamber ensemble


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The piece begins with a trio of flute, bass clarinet, and piano, jamming together and having a good time. As time passes, the rest of the ensemble distorts and pressures the trio with their negativity. One-by-one, the trio falls apart. The flute gives up reasonably fast. The bass clarinet keeps trying to convince the rest to follow the piano, but gets mocked instead. Eventually the bass clarinet gives up as well. The piano finally accepts partial defeat at the end, sounding a combination of two keys highlighted by these fighting forces - E Major and a pseudo C Major, to create an augmented 7th chord.

Premiered by the Vertex Ensemble. Conducted by Ismael Sandoval at the Boston Conservatory on 6th December, 2017.

1.0.1(bcl).1–1.0.2(1, btbn).0–pno, 2perc–str(

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