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Dohas (2018)

for pierrot ensemble (with voice)


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Dohas are two lined poems - couplets, especially common in North-west Indian, Pakistani and Arabic poetry of the medieval period. I love how the small amount of text has so much expressive potential and thus wanted to set them to music. There are two songs being performed today, the first with a text by Kabir, and the second by Amir Khusrao who lived in the 15th and 13th centuries respectively. The first one was composed using different rhythmic cycles to create form - the music develops, leading to a climax and a return of the cycles where the poet reflects within. The second was composed Spring 2017, and is thus of complete contrast to the first, as my writing has changed since then. It tends to have a nostalgic but light feel to it, similar to the strange, but hopeful text.

Performed by Laura Pernas, Kathryn Downs, Matthew Yamada, Kimberly Busic, Hannah Soren, and Joanna Chen. Conducted by Ismael Sandoval at the Boston Conservatory on 4th April, 2018.

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