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Conversations (2017)

for woodwind quartet


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Conversations tells the tale of a family at the dinner table, discussing (arguing about?) different topics such as their daily routine, interesting incidents and drama, politics (not again!). It beings with the Clarinet and Bassoon beginning the conversation, soon to be followed in agreement by the Oboe and Flute. At times, the family agrees with one another, and at other times they argue. The piece uses rhythm as a key indicator of when a family member begins to diverge towards another topic - for some reason the Oboe is always in its own world! At times, parallel conversations (something that happens in my own family very frequently) occur, with the flute talking about an annoying Alto Clarinet at school while the others discuss something else. Does it remind you of your family?

Premiered by Alejandra Santillanes, Aidan Rodier, Matthew Gellar and Nathaniel Edison at the Boston Conservatory, 28th April, 2017.

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