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A Forgotten Summer (2018)

for mixed choir


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A Forgotten Summer depicts a distant memory of a summer at the beach. As the piece progresses, we hear different poems telling their own versions of that summer/of more recent summers. The piece returns to the original thematic material at the end of the piece, now informed by our own maturity, and from others' perspectives. Was that beautiful, nostalgic, summer at the beach really that wonderful, or was it rather a dark, stormy memory, stained red with sorrow? The texts chosen for this piece were provided by several different poets (Greg Nahabedian, David Dogan, Sarayu Iyengar and Felix Aguilar Tomlinson).

Premiered by the Boston Conservatory Chorale at the Boston Conservatory on 15th February, 2018. Conducted by Nathan Reiff.

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