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I love sharing ideas with people all around the world. Let's get in touch, wherever you are, and talk about your next project!

Hi, I'm Avik

I'm a Composer and Sound Designer based in Singapore.

I specialize in crafting unique sonic experiences for diverse projects, ranging from video games and brand visuals to museum exhibitions and virtual reality. As an audio designer, I relish opportunities to blend music and sound design in order to shape cohesive audio worlds. I write music in a variety of styles but I excel in ambient/fantasy orchestral works, cute electronic beats (picture a bubble tea sugar rush), and sadboi indie tunes.

I also write music for live performance. My music has been performed by ensembles such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Transient Canvas, Eureka Ensemble, Morse Percussion, and the Nanyang Collective. 

Beyond my creative endeavors, I serve as an orchestra librarian at the Singapore Symphony and lead Liria Music Prep, a music preparation agency. My educational journey took me through formal training at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee under the guidance of composers Tina Tallon and Felipe Lara. I proudly received the Roger Sessions Memorial award for composition during this time. Comfortable with audio middleware such as FMOD and WWise (as well as scripting in C#) I actively engage in shaping interactive sonic experiences.

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