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I love sharing ideas with people all around the world. Let's get in touch, wherever you are, and talk about your next project!

music as a tool for story telling

From meditative ambient soundscapes with a classical twist, inspired by the cities I've lived in (Singapore & Boston) to cute electronic beats, created during bubble tea sugar highs, I often fuse genres and break rules in order to tell a story, and take inspiration from the world around me while doing so.


Aside from games & visuals, I also enjoy working with ensembles on projects where narrative is an important focal point. My works have been performed by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Transient Canvas, Eureka Ensemble, Morse Percussion, Nanyang Collective and more.

audio that reacts to YOU

I like to use audio middleware and scripting to find fun solutions that help drive the user experience. From figuring out audio libraries to use within a React Native codebase in Covidopoly, to creating music forests in Unity with C# scripting and Wwise, I am fascinated by interactive audio systems for both virtual and physical spaces.

immersive audio is just world building

From video games to sound installations, non-linear and interactive audio is all about building new worlds - the challenges that come with that excite me!

Bound (2016), Hohokum (2014), Florence (2018), The Hobbit (2003), and Lord of the Rings Online (2007-) are some of the games I love. If you’re looking to make an indie-art game about Middle Earth, I’m your person, obviously!

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my background

I delved into the world of music because of my love of art and design. I was obsessed with recreating the look of old manuscripts in notation software, and composed some piano music specifically for that reason. This eventually led me to composing and writing for ensembles, and performing as a pianist and drummer. 


I went on to major in Music Composition with a double minor in Video Game Scoring and Music Publishing at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. While in school, I founded a music preparation company called Liria Music Prep, that I currently lead, alongside my position as a music librarian at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Hi, I'm Avik

I'm a Composer and Sound Designer currently based in Singapore.

I enjoy blending music and sound design in fun ways to spice up visuals and make both games and physical spaces immersive and interactive.

Aside from music for media, I also compose ambient music spiced with organic beats and orchestral instruments.

As a music notation nerd, I run a music preparation company called Liria Music Prep.

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